ACT People

Arnett Carbis Toothman knows talented and results-driven people are what it takes to best manage the myriad of challenges clients encounter. ACT’s members and associates maintain a sterling reputation for integrity, professionalism and community service.

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Beth Smith Business Outsourcing Services Enterprise Meadville
Bethany Crites Consulting Health Care Charleston
Bill Carney Consulting Health Care Charleston
Bonnie Young Internal Client Services Administration Meadville
Bonnie Sickafuse Internal Client Services Administration New Castle
Brad Ryan Accounting and Auditing Financial Institutions Bridgeport
Brandi Hill Tax Enterprise Charleston
Brenda Filer Accounting and Auditing Manufacturing New Castle
Brent Cogar Consulting Health Care Columbus
Brittany Bates Tax Health Care Meadville
Bryan Visingardi Assurance Manufacturing New Castle
Candy Sanchez Consulting Health Care Charleston
Carletta Fuleno Internal Client Services Administration New Castle
Carol Haddix Business Outsourcing Services Administration Buckhannon
Carol Goff Business Outsourcing Services Enterprise Bridgeport
Carrie Keener Tax Enterprise Bridgeport
Casey Klages Accounting and Auditing Health Care Charleston
Casey Wright Tax Enterprise Buckhannon
Cassi Baylous Tax Enterprise Charleston
Chad Parker Tax Enterprise Charleston