ACT People

Arnett Carbis Toothman knows talented and results-driven people are what it takes to best manage the myriad of challenges clients encounter. ACT’s members and associates maintain a sterling reputation for integrity, professionalism and community service.

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Stephen Holcomb Consulting Health Care Charleston
Michelle Holtzapfel Clinical Consulting Services Health Care Charleston
Venus Hong-Brown Tax Enterprise Charleston
Christopher Howard Internal Client Services Information Technology Charleston
Damon Hubbard General Services Enterprise Bridgeport, Morgantown
David Jamieson Accounting and Auditing Manufacturing New Castle
Gail Jennings Tax Enterprise Charleston
Michelle Jez Tax Enterprise Charleston
Kaitlin Johnson Business Outsourcing Services Outsourcing Services Charleston
Jonathan Jones Tax Enterprise Bridgeport
Tonya Jones General Services Health Care Charleston
Kelsi Justice Consulting Health Care Charleston
Valerie Kalkowski Business Outsourcing Services Enterprise New Castle
Sharlene Keenan Internal Client Services Meadville
Carrie Keener Tax Enterprise Bridgeport
Dakota Kelly Tax Enterprise Charleston
Eric Kemper General Services Health Care Columbus
Suzanne Kingry General Services Health Care Charleston
Casey Klages Accounting and Auditing Health Care Charleston
David Kopp Accounting and Auditing Health Care New Castle