Loan Review

The largest – and most crucial – group of assets contained in your financial institution’s balance sheet is the loan portfolio. It likely represents the majority of your earning assets. Conversely, the loan portfolio is the area of greatest risk and exposure for your institution.

In the past, the majority of regional and community banks believed their in-house knowledge of their borrowers was sufficient to protect them from loan losses typically experienced by larger financial institutions whose operations were spread across large geographic regions. With the advent and proliferation of new tools and approaches – not to mention non-traditional competition such as traditionally retail businesses – which are engaging customers in unprecedented numbers, banks can no longer persist in that belief.

Arnett Carbis Toothman is one of the region’s most experienced financial consulting firms. Each member of our loan review team possesses an average of 20 years of experience. The team is comprised of certified public accountants and former commercial lenders. Our comprehensive loan review services include:

  • Complete outsourcing of the loan review function
  • Co-sourcing with your financial institution’s loan review function
  • Assistance in complying with regulatory orders
  • Evaluation of the methodology for calculating the allowance for loan and lease losses
  • Other loan review consulting services such as: Due diligence, evaluating and training of staff, etc.
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Christopher Nice CPA, CISA, CGMA
Brian Kassalen CPA, CFF
Richard "Chap" Donovan CPA, CRCM, CTP