Revenue Cycle

Arnett Carbis Toothman offers an array of services designed to improve your net revenue and create sustainable value. Our health care team possesses decades of experience in key areas such as price rationalization, charge structure and charge capture, CDM standardization, and payor contract diagnostics

Price Rationalization

Do your commercial contracts pay based on charges? If so, price rationalization services, which incorporate aligning pricing with resources, and market position, can increase net revenue. The ACT team will work hand-in-hand with you to develop a line-item strategy for optimal results.

Charge Structure/Charge Capture

Do you have missing charges, late charges, or are you performing services without having an adequate mechanism to charge? The ACT team can assist with implementing resource based structures, and formula based structures. Through the use of data mining from paid claim history, along with department manager interviews, we will identify charge capture or coding issues.

CDM Standardization

Do you have the same charge item in many departments, with different pricing? The ACT team provides leading practices of CDM development, monitoring and maintenance. We will also help you build tracking tools to monitor departmental charge capture along with patient utilization of services.

Payer Contract Diagnostic

Are your payments less than they should be? The ACT health care team will identify inaccurate payments at the patient encounter level by plan, service or physician. Early detection of denied services, inaccurate contract rates or coding errors saves you time and money.

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