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New Year, New Meal Deductibility Rules
New Year New Mileage Rates - 2021 IRS Standard Mileage Rates
Home Firewalls
Email Encryption 101
Best Practices for Password Management
Tax Planning Tip: Tax Brackets, Standard Deductions, and Gift Limits
Retirement Contribution Limitation Amounts
Director of Nursing (DON) + Arnett Carbis Toothman (ACT) = A Great Investment
Best Practices for IT Security While Working from Home
Optional Accounting Expedients Can Make LIBOR Transition Easier
Presentation and Disclosures of Contributed Nonfinancial Assets to Not-for-Profit Entities
Tax Planning Tip: Bonus Depreciation and Year-End Asset Purchases
Patrick Smith Appointed to Industrial Council
Celebrating National Manufacturing Day
Are You Handling Fringe Benefits Correctly?
Celebrating National Payroll Week with Payroll Tips
Hospitals Need to Act Fast to Avoid Price Transparency Rule Fines
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Updates Five-Star Users’ Guide
CMS Renews ABN Document
Financial Accounting Standards Board Implementation Effective Date Changes
2020 IRS Form 1099-NEC What You Need to Know
Financial Accounting Standards Board Implementation Effective Date Changes
The Big "Cs" COVID. Clinical. Compliance.
Accrual to Cash Tax Saving Opportunities
2020 Mileage Rates Updated
New e-Filing Requirements for Tax-Exempt Organizations
Providers Question the Need to Submit Attestations
Home Health Agencies Action Required
New Overtime Rules in Effect January 2020
Skilled Nursing Facility Claims Hold
Tis the Season for Giving Bonuses
Financial Accounting Standards Board Defer Effective Dates
Changes Affecting Health Inspection & Quality Measure Domains
Economic Slowdown
State Sales Tax Implications for Manufacturers
SNF Requirements of Participation Phase 3
Six New Tax Compliance Campaigns
Scope & Accounting Guidance Regarding Contributions
Are You Using the New Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI)?
80% Compliance Required for Skilled Nursing Facilities
Threshold Raised for Micro-Purchases & Simplified Acquisitions
What is a SOC Exam?

Articles and White Papers by ACT Professionals

West Virginia Medicaid Cost Reporting Accounting for Medicare A Ancillary Expenses
Update Your Hospital's CMS-855A with Off-Campus Services Locations Before October 2019


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