Business Valuation

Whether your client is seeking to determine a fair price for the purchase or sale of a business, or know what to demand from equitable division of assets in a divorce, the choice of valuator can prove a decision with lasting consequences. Valuation is a subjective and complex process, requiring not only meticulous accounting skills, but sound business judgment and an expert understanding of what will and will not hold up to close scrutiny in court. It is critical that you or your firm choose an outside valuator who is well-versed in the ins and outs of the transactional and litigation process, and can build a complete, accurate, and defensible appraisal.

Over our decades of experience, Arnett Carbis Toothman has completed valuations for a wide variety of businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and across the Midwest. With Certified Value Analysts (CVA) and Accredited Business Valuators (ABV) among our team of professionals, we have the qualifications not only to perform a successful valuation, but to back it up via expert witness testimony at trial.

We have helped law firm clients in connection with a range of matters, including buy/ sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions, estate planning matters, damage assessments, divorce or property settlements, and partner or shareholder disputes. We form long term relationships with our clients, often performing multiple valuations over the lifetime of an organization. As testament to our success in connection with transactional matters alone, we have seen a significant number of companies bought or sold at or near the value we determined. We have performed valuations for organizations across a span of industries and sectors, including:

  • Individual and group physician practices
  • Hospitals, nursing homes, and specialty clinics
  • Banks and mortgage companies
  • Natural resources companies, including coal mining, timber, and support companies
  • Real estate and construction companies
  • Manufacturing sector businesses
  • Retail and wholesale companies
  • Hotels and other hospitality organizations

No matter the business model or industry, in transactional and litigation matters, our professionals have the expertise and experience to provide an accurate, defensible valuation.

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