Litigation Support

In everything from a personal injury case to a divorce, litigation frequently calls for a financial expert to perform business valuations or accounting investigations, assess damages incurred by one of the parties, provide expert witness testimony, or offer strategic advice in connection with any of the above. With decades of experience providing outside consulting on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, Arnett Carbis Toothman is well-qualified to assist attorneys both prior to and during trial.

  • Commercial Damages - Business damages such as lost profits, lost value, extra cost, lost cash flow, lost revenue, malpractice, or mitigation due to the wrongful or negligent acts of another party, including breaches of contract, partner disputes, patent infringement, intellectual property theft, or other business interruption.
  • Lost Earnings - Personal damages sustained by an individual due to a wrongful death, personal injury, wrongful termination, improper pay, or breach of contract matter.
  • Computer Forensics - Analysis of the prevention, detection, and investigation of losses or acts whereby the evidence is in electronic form on computers or computer networks.
  • Forensic Accounting - Analysis of embezzlement and other types of fraud to determine the facts and losses related thereto. Investigative accounting to determine the facts of a case and the underlying cause of events or financial results. Although there are many types of forensic services, a few examples include Alter Ego, capitalization adequacy, construction or re-construction of financial records, and regulatory compliance.
  • Expert Testimony - Outside financial experts are essential in cases where an economic or financial loss has been incurred either by a business or by an individual. In these matters, our professionals provide analysis of financial, tax and other business records to form a detailed picture of the losses, both current and projected in the future, that the party has suffered.

Whether it involves insurance claims, business interruptions, or breaches of contract, litigation often requires the documentation of financial losses and review of accounting procedures.

When brought in early on in a litigation matter, our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Valuation Analysts (CVAs), Information Systems Auditors (CISAs), and Personal Financial Specialists (PFSs) can help identify and obtain necessary financial and other records, assess a case’s strengths and weaknesses, consult on discovery and document productions, critically review all depositions, briefs, and statements relevant to financial matters, and advise on the selection of witnesses to testify on financial matters. In addition, during trial we can aid in a strategic capacity in the examination and cross-examination of opposing expert witnesses.

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